Easy wins, lessons learned and critical recommendations to leverage your data for decision-making

Capture is the first step in gathering vital business information, and the trigger of many business processes. It is also an area of improvement and automation where ROI can be gained fairly quickly (in some cases within three months).


In this study we take a look at the challenges businesses face in relation to:

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    Capturing and managing multi-channel inbound content, including paper

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    Steps taken to automate the information capture process

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    Use of analytics to enhance the identification and classification of capture information

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    A look ahead at the next 5 years to understand where businesses are focusing their efforts and funding their Digital Transformation journey

Some key findings of this AIIM research underwrittem in partnership with Papersoft:


44% of respondents say enablement of anywhere/anytime content access is what is driving capture in their companies. 


It is a struggle to match paper and electronic content and things are somewhat adhoc when dealing with multi-channel inbound content according to 42% of respondents. 38% report processing paper separate from electronic content while 31% cite electronic being printed then processed alongside paper.


Content analytics is seen as a way to improve process productivity and remove manual steps by 55%. 43% view it as a way to free up process bottlenecks and overloads.